Hover 1 rally folding electric scooter

The Power Package Hover 1 Rally Folding Electric Scooter



The Power Package Hover 1 Rally Review:


Hover-1 Rally electric scooter has a unique design that suits better for an average commuter. The scooter is fully foldable and has a built-in suspension for a hassle-free ride. It is easy to carry and offers a good range with an impressive performance to enhance the ride experience. 


It has excellent features such as; affordable price, higher weight capacity, and a top speed that keep it ahead of its competitors. Each ride is fun and practical due to its compact, collapsible frame. It helps you remain stable at all times, and it is highly durable as well.


Hover 1 rally folding electric scooter offers a 12 MPH top speed, With a 7-mile range. It contains a built-in cruise control feature which is very convenient when traveling long distances. Two throttle downstrokes are all it takes to activate cruise control, helping you enjoy smoother rides with less hand fatigue. Hover-1 Rally Electric Scooter Available Here


Main Highlights of the Hover 1 rally folding electric scooter


Powerful motor

An impressive 320W brushless motor provides plenty of power to climb up hills up to 15 degrees throughout the ride.

Great Battery backup

It uses the 36V Lithium-ion battery that takes 4 hours to charge fully. It can run 1.8 miles on one hour of charge, up to 12 miles per hour at maximum speed. So you can travel up to seven miles on one charge. 

Solid tires

Hover-1 Electric Scooters come with 6.5-inch rubber wheels. Due to their small size, they enhance the stability and improve the functionality of the scooter’s built-in suspension system.

Electric Brake

This scooter includes an electric brake system and LED lights in the front. When the electric brake is applied together with the rear friction brake, it significantly reduces skid marks.

Weight capacity

With 264 pounds of capacity, the hover-1 rally scooter is perfect for riders with a lot of weight. It is suitable for anyone age 15 or above, regardless if he is a student or an employee.

Full LCD

Having an LCD, you can see high-speed mode, speedometer, battery status, power button, cruise control, and headlight icon controls together in one place.



Could you count on the Hover-1 Rally electric scooter?


The hover-1 rally folding electric scooter is a budget-friendly and power-packed scooter. Its sleek design and unique features make it stand out among other electric scooters. Besides being lightweight and easy to carry, its folding mechanism allows you to take it anywhere you want when traveling. Hover 1 rally folding electric scooter is worth purchasing if you’re looking for fun riding and an enjoyable experience. Get your Hover-1 Rally Electric Scooter Here

It provides a safe ride with a variety of features and takes care of safety precautions. A LED headlight and built-in reflectors make your drive safe in the dark, while the electronic throttle makes it easy to ride on flat surfaces. Disk brakes provide safe, skid-free stops, maintaining the scooter’s stability.




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